Student Loan News

Contributions to the Student Loan Fund have now passed the $5,000 two for one matching challenge goal! With this accomplishment, we have received well over $15,000 for the fund! The committee is able adequately to fund loan requests for this year and have a stable balance to meet future requests. Watch for an updated financial report in the June Copperspire.

Thank you for your generosity to replenish the Student Loan Fund. Remember that you can donate to this or any other special fund of the church at any time. Other funds are: The Mary Mowry Scholarship Fund for the nursery school, The Founders' Fund for capital maintenance and improvements, The Ichthus Fund for long-term investment to fund new ministries and projects

Student Loan Notification: Attention Students and Parents! Applications for Student Loans will be accepted through June 30th. Applications are available by clicking below. Please mail application to First Pres Rome c/o Student Loan Committee, 108 West Court St, Rome NY 13440. Awards will be granted on a 1st apply, 1st consideration basis, and award amounts will reflect funds available, up to, but not exceeding $2,000 per student, per year. There is an $8,000 cap per student, over their years attending further studies, with repayments beginning 6 mos. following the end of studies, at no interest. There is a small interest incurred, for amounts NOT paid off, according to payoff arrangements/contracts. Congratulations to new grads and continued success to current students. Our love and prayers are with you ALL

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